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        • Contains essential Caraway Oil (Carum Carvi)
  • Indicated for Flatulence and inflated stomach with babies and children.
  • Promotes digestion and thus allows a quieter sleep.
  • indicated for infants from birth
  • Natural & well-tolerated product.
  • Safe with no artificial additives.
  • The drops can be added to milk or fruit juice, or can be given undiluted with a teaspoon.
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  • Toularynx is Thyme extract syrup for cold and sore throat.
    • Relieves respiratory disorder and alleviates cough.
    • Expectorant, secretolytic, antitussive and Broncho-spasmolytic.
    • Sugar-free and can therefore be used by diabetics.
    • Safe for adults & babies as from 6 months.
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  • A liquid probiotic drops containing Lactobacillus
    Rhamnosus as a “friendly bacteria” Recommended for infants and children from birth it is
  • Designed to regulate immune health.
  • Helps to restore the balance of friendly bacteria in gastrointestinal tract and support gut, digestive and bowel health.
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