Child care


        • A daily supplement for infants from birth until three years of age
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  • Safe daily vitamin D supplement for children above 3 years.
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SunDrops DHA

    • Sundrops DHA is a safe and effective way to ensure that growing babies
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  • A liquid probiotic drops containing Lactobacillus a
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      • Contains essential Caraway Oil (Carum Carvi).
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      • Toularynx is Thyme extract syrup for cold, sore throat
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      • Sterile single dose nebules of sodium chloride 0.9g (0.9%) purified water
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Megatone Junior Syrup Echinacea

    • A balanced combination of the main essential vitamins with
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Ultra D drops

  • Concentrated Vitamin D3 drops, contains 400IU of Vitamin D3 in every 2 drops.
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Physiologica hypertonic

      • Single dose nebules of 2.3% hypertonic sodium chloride, 0.06% sodium hyaluronate
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Physiologica septinasal

  • GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES 1G for Infants &children.
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  • Toulakids is a soothing syrup, for the treatment of an irritated throat associated with a dry cough in babies and children.
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  • A patented mixture of high number of viable bacteria ( 5 billion)
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Glycreze infants

  • GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES 1G for Infants & children.
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  • Heme Bears Gummies are the first heme iron chewable gummies in UAE.
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Physiologica Hypertonic Sea Water spray

Physiologica Isotonic Sea Water Spray

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